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Tourists To Jamaica This Summer Can Expect Above Average Rainfall

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Those planning to visit Jamaica this summer will likely experience above-average rainfall compared to previous years. The Caribbean Climate Outlook (CCO) has reported that between the months of June and August, Jamaica and the region extending to Puerto Rico will experience a wetter than normal summer season. For those seeking the warmth of Jamaica, the report states that temperatures at night are expected to be near normal across the region.

Tropical Rainfall

One consequence of increased rainfall is flash flooding, a problem that frequently occurs in Jamaica. According to the report, flash flood likelihood will increase throughout the summer from average to high by August. If staying in a resort or popular tourist accommodations, travelers shouldn’t have to worry too much about flooding.

Flooded Road

However, hotels such as Riu Reggae in Montego Bay have been affected by flooding in the past. Flash floods occur very quickly without much time to prepare. If travelers are faced with dealing with a flash flood, it is important to seek higher ground, stay away from power lines, and never try to drive through moving water.

Car in Flooded Road

Coinciding with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s findings from last week, the report from the CCO states, “An increase in Atlantic tropical storm frequency may also be consistent with the presence of La Niña. Warmer sea surface temperatures across the region should provide moderate seasonal forecast confidence. Rainfall patterns across the region are expected to be influenced by La Nina as well with a drier than normal signal along the northwest section and wetter than normal patterns setting up elsewhere.”

Palm Trees in Tropical Storm

The findings from the NOAA revealed that Jamaica is forecasted to have a more active than normal hurricane season, which runs from June 1st to November 30th. With an expected increase in hurricane activity, it is no surprise that the country will also see above-average rainfall for the summer. One way travelers can prepare for both hurricanes and flash floods is by purchasing travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage. In the event of a hurricane, travelers can cancel their trip without consequence. In the event of any damages or injury resulting from a flash flood, travel insurance would help cover any losses or medical expenses.

When most people think of Jamaica, they picture a blue Caribbean sea, stretches of white-sand beaches, and the sun casting its inviting rays down on the beauty below. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way, but that doesn’t mean the day is ruined! Below are some of the most popular activities when the rain just won’t stop in Jamaica.

Massage Table with Candle

Rainy Day Activities

  • Staying at a resort with a spa? A rainy day is the perfect time to book a massage, try a detox seaweed wrap, or soak up the heat in the sauna.
  • Try the food. Jamaican food is famous worldwide, so take advantage of a rainy day by taking in the local flavors. Jerk chicken from Scotchie’s in Montego Bay offers an authentic taste of Jamaican cuisine.
  • Check out a local museum. The Bob Marley Museum is an excellent option for travelers in the Kingston area, and the Rose Hall Great House is perfect for those staying in Montego Bay.
  • Order in and relax! A Jamaican vacation is sure to be filled with sand, sun, and sea, but if a rainy day does come, why not order room service and be lazy while the rain lulls you into a nice afternoon nap? When the sun does come back, the next adventure can be faced with plenty of energy after recharging.
Room Service

Putting it all Together

Jamaica is a beautiful country to visit whether it is the rainy season or not. It is not often that Jamaica sees an entire day of rain. Since Jamaica experiences the weather of the tropics, it usually rains for part of the day before transitioning to the picturesque sunshine worthy of a postcard. Travelers shouldn’t worry too much about higher than average rainfall putting a damper on their vacation plans this summer.

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